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Updating land patent

For this information, researchers will need to access the tract books.Land case entry files can contain a wealth of genealogical and legal information.The property owner describes his ownership of property as an "allodial freehold estate." The same property owner filed a declaration of homestead upon the county records.He attached to that declaration a document entitled "Declaration of Assignee's Update of Patent." The "Declaration" consists of a description of the property, followed by a long recitation of what the property owner apparently believes to be recognized as legal principles regarding land patents.

Tract books are divided into two geographical areas, Eastern States and Western States For the Western States, the tract books are located in the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.

Please note that this includes only patented or completed land entries.

Those case files that were cancelled or relinquished will not be there, and may contain just as much useful information for the researcher.

In response to your second question, we conclude that the homestead exemption does not apply to a county's foreclosure action for delinquent property taxes.

We reach this conclusion because a 1987 amendment to RCW 6.13.070 clarifies that the homestead exemption extends only to "debts of the owner." Our Supreme Court has previously held that debts for unpaid real property taxes attach to the land, and do not become personal debts of the owner.

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BACKGROUND Before analyzing the questions you have posed, it may be helpful to summarize briefly the circumstances underlying those questions.

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