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I didn’t come here because in my country I can’t find a job, in my country I would live better than here, I came to get experience (interviewee from Czech Republic).Expats seem to represent a sort of “positive” immigration (although sometimes annoying for the changes it entails in Brussels urban environment), in contrast with the “negative” traditional immigration, which is sometimes the target of xenophobia, stereotyped as potentially violent, prone to crime and hardly or not at all integrated.Indeed, Expats are considered educated people who go to Brussels not because they are motivated by basic needs, but rather by professional reasons or because they seek an experience abroad.Migrants, on the other hand, are perceived as people who are obliged to leave their countries because of the tough life and work conditions in their homeland: (I do not consider myself) a migrant, no: I am here because I like it (…).A possible approach to answer to Question 1 is to highlight the Expats’ particularities by differentiating them from common migrants.Brussels, like many European capitals, is the destination of considerable immigration flows.Because of their high mobility, it is not easy to quantify the number of these high-skilled migrants; the Brussels Europe Liaison Office advances a rough estimate of 100 000 people (around 10% of Brussels total population), a massive amount of people who have a heavy impact on the fabric of the city..

To do this, over a 6-month period in Brussels I conducted 30 structured in-depth interviews with young (23‑35) professional expatriates from 25 different European1 countries, as well as 3 in-depth interviews with key people.

In such a large number of people, coming from almost all countries in the world (even though mainly from the EU and, more generally, from the Western countries plus Japan), it is conceivable to find diverse reactions to Brussels environment.

Moreover, the ways people interact both with other foreigners and with locals (whether of Belgian descent or not) may differ widely.

La sociologie fait preuve d’un intérêt grandissant pour le lien qui unit les villes à leur développement et aux activités et profils de ceux qu’elles attirent.

Bruxelles en est un exemple particulièrement frappant, étant donné l’influence qu’elle subit au contact d’une large proportion d’immigrés européens hautement qualifiés, résidents de passage ou à long terme, appelés , et donne par ailleurs les grands traits de la façon dont ils sont perçus et se perçoivent.

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The article, besides trying to define what an Expat is, provides an exploratory outline of how they are perceived and they perceive themselves.

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