Orthodox jewish gay dating

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Orthodox jewish gay dating

After all, JDate and the like are commercial services that exist to fulfill a certain need.The Reform movement’s proposal is noteworthy not only because of its inclusivity but also because it is coming from a religious place.Liberal Judaism (which, in a manner of speaking, is to the left of Reform) was fully supportive of same-sex marriage even before it was legal, performing its first (unrecognized) same-sex marriage in 2005.More broadly, Liberal Judaism stands opposed to the idea that Jewish law—mainly passages from Leviticus—could be used to “stigmatize the relationships of lesbian and gay Jews.” “We affirm the right of gay men and lesbians to live as the people God created them to be,” Rabbi Roderick Young states in Liberal Judaism’s policy paper on lesbian, gay, and bisexual Jews and same-sex relationships.It was one of the most beautiful, most powerful pieces of writing I had read in a while. And it had nothing to do with the piece, I realized. I realized that I simply didn’t agree with all of them.

To be a gay Jew is to be a minority twice over in more than one sense.Gay Orthodox British Jews have written about what they feel is their exclusion from religion.The Orthodox emphasis on family and congregation “make being part of a religious community such as mine so fantastic.“With JDate and other services, the assumption is that the people using it are primarily heterosexual, and everyone else is a kind of ‘plus,’ ” Janner-Klausner, the senior rabbi to the Movement for Reform Judaism in the United Kingdom, told me over the phone recently.These sites are open to gay and lesbian Jews, but in Janner-Klausner’s eyes, queer Jews are an afterthought for the entrepreneurs behind these endeavors, one category on a drop-down menu.

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On one level, what the Reform movement is proposing to do is curiously old-fashioned.

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