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I wanted to play a joke on my boyfriend, so I ran ahead of him and hid.I waited behind a wall so I could jump out and scare him when he walked by.I had jumped out too soon and scared a kid who was at the museum with her mother.I felt so bad, but my boyfriend and his little brother could not stop laughing at my mistake!' I touched my cheek, and before I could figure out what was wrong he said, 'You're bleeding! They all knew I was totally in love with this guy Brian, so I decided to tell them I was dating him.They stared at me in shock as I told them how he had called and said he loved me.After that, the guy never asked to go anywhere with me again. ""Last year, when I had just started my first period, the boy I liked asked me out.I suggested that he and a friend come over to my house to watch movies.

On the way to my house, the two of us were making out in the backseat. "At a school dance, I was making out with a guy in a closet.Just as I was thinking about my dream scenario, he came up and kissed me with his mouth wide open and slobbered all over me. A second later my mom pulled up and yelled, 'Way to go! As soon as we got into the theater, everyone coupled off and I was left with my crush.In the middle of the movie, he started to make a move on me but stopped midway and started wiggling around.We had recently gotten a kitten, and she liked to take things out of the trash and carry them around.While we were watching the movie, she came into the living room and dumped something on my date's lap.

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He finally settled in his chair and pulled me to him.

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