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Two particular ideas that come into contention sometimes is equal rights vs chivalry.As a man, we hear both sides of, “A woman can do anything a man can do!In turn it encourages that chivalry and good behavior.” As a man, trust me, a gracious and meaningful, “Thank you,” with a touch on the arm can recharge our battery for weeks!Don’t wait for outmoded 1950s expectations about how a man is “supposed” to act in courting.” Damona Hoffman, dating strategist and radio host at Dates And, says, “You don’t want to become the aggressor but you want to invite conversation.“Dating” is probably my least favorite word of all time.It’s also pretty much my least favorite thing to do, which sounds sad but is totally true.” and, “Be a gentleman and open doors, carry bags, etc.” I have heard from my male clients that some have been chastised for opening doors (“I can do it myself! Women enjoy doing things for themselves as much as men do.

I should appear uninterested at all times — unless HE’s acting uninterested, and then I have to get him interested again so he can see how uninterested I am — because it’s all about the chase.After seven years of dating — online, blind, casual, trying to pick up guys at bars, and every other method in existence — I’ve realized that maybe it isn’t the crappy guys I’m meeting. Here’s why I just can’t hang in today’s dating scene: I’m terrible at dating games (and unwilling to play them).If a guy asks me out, I’m supposed to tell him I’m busy even if I’m literally doing nothing but sitting home watching Netflix in my underwear.We want what’s best for you and want to help you become the best version of yourself.Unfortunately, that quality gets misconstrued in dating. I want to know I’m the only person he’s dating so there’s no reason for me to think or second guess him and his intentions. Why the hell would I want to be in a relationship with a friend — a person who makes me smile, understands me and brings out the best in me? Danyle Magiera Danyle is a 29 year old Director of Business Development and freelance writer from Buffalo, New York.

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“They should not expect to be catered to and doted on if they are not willing to reciprocate,” says Lisa Schmidt, an IDCA certified dating coach at Detroit Date

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